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The Himalayas offers great scope for undertaking adventure activities amidst landscapes of breathtaking, rugged beauty. The most popular and the best established among these are trekking, mountaineering and river rafting.

Trek along some of the finest trekking routes to explore the Himalayas. Visit village and monasteries and interact with the local villagers while on your deep trekking explorations...more

River Rafting
River rafting in the Himalayas is quite unlike anywhere else in the world. It provides the best opportunity to enjoy and experience the natural beauty of the spectacular landscape with deep gorges, towering snowcapped peaks, hilltop monasteries, hillside villages, and glimpses of the unique wildlife...more

Jeep Safaris
The 4 wheel experience is perhaps the best way to travel in the Himalayas. Travel to the deepest regions and the highest motorable road in the world. Experience the drive of a lifetime...more

Motorbike Tours
Motorbike tours is a one of a kind extreme sport of driving to the limits and beyond. The road in the Himalayas offer superb biking conditions, tough climbs, endless descents, and maximum of-road potential for the die hard adventure lovers. Drive a classic Enfield Bullet through India's spectacular Himalayas. Drive the highest motorable road in the world and experience the immense beauty of the Himalayan region ...more

Bike Tours
Cycling is one of the best ways to see the Himalayas. Himalaya Insight Bike tours are for everyone. Our itineraries are designed for all ages, individuals, families and couples, whether you are a first time cyclist or experienced. We offer a range of gentle touring or more active holidays, but on all of our tours we transport your luggage to the next accommodation, so all you have to do is enjoy the views...more

Cultural Ladakh

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