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Journey to the finest high altitude lakes in the Himalayas

Pangong Tso
The Pangong Lake is 160 kilometer from Leh and offers spectacular views of the region. The lake is surrounded by mountains and the color of the lake changes shades throughout the day. This famous blue brackish lake is located on the India China border and is approximately 5 kms wide and over 144 kms long. Majority of the lake body falls in the Chinese territory. Spangmik, the farthest point to which visitors are permitted, is only some seven kilometer along the southern shore from the head of the lake and you can view the Changchenmo range, their reflections shimmering in the ever-changing blues and greens of the lake's brackish waters.

The Tsomoriri Lake is a beautiful mountain bounded expanse of water, around 240 Kms. from Leh. The lake is located at 14,000 ft. near the small village of Korzok. Korzok is sparsely populated and is the only permanent settlement in Rupshu, which is otherwise inhabited only by nomadic Chang-pa herdsmen. Though it is much smaller than the Pangong lake, it is equally spectacular and is the breeding ground for many migratory birds including the endangered, black necked crane, the bar-headed goose, the great crested grebe, the Brahmini duck and the bar-headed gull. Kyang, the wild ass of the Ladakh and Tibetan plateau, marmots, hares, and an unusual tail-less rat are also found here.

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