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All of our holidays which include a significant element of walking are considered to be treks. These range from extended trips into wilderness areas, with a full trek crew and porter or pack-animal support, to short hotel-based holidays involving a series of day-hikes.

Factors that contribute to the difficulty of a particular trip, including, length of day, terrain, altitude and weather conditions have been categorized as below. The following grades should be considered in conjunction with each individual holiday description.

STRENUOUS - Physically very challenging, but suitable for people with a high level of fitness and previous trekking experience. These treks involve many long days, often in isolated areas and at extreme altitudes. These treks can also involve difficult and sometimes glaciated terrain, as well as lengthy periods at high altitude. Some treks will require basic mountaineering skills and equipment.

MODERATE - suitable for most hill walkers and generally involving shorter days at moderate altitude, on good paths and tracks. However, a reasonable level of fitness is required as these treks can involve considerable amounts of ascent and descent and the occasional difficult day.







Trekking Grades

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